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Security Awareness

How We Protect You

Wellington State Bank’s general practices do not ask for personal or financial information, including account numbers or passwords, through unsolicited emails or pop-up windows. Report any unsolicited request for Wellington State Bank information by calling 806-447-2551 or e-mailing .

Other ways we protect you online:
  • We use Anti-Virus protection to help us detect and prevent viruses
  • Our Firewalls help block unauthorized access by individuals or networks
  • This site’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption creates a secure connection with your browser when you login to online banking or fill out forms
  • We do not and will not share your usernames or passwords with anyone
  • We automatically log you out of your secure session after a period of inactivity to help protect against others seeing or using your online accounts

How to Protect Yourself
  • Make sure your operating software, web browser or mobile app are up-to-date
  • Install and regularly update a virus protection program
  • Scan your computer or mobile device for spyware regularly
  • Avoid downloading programs or apps from unknown sources
  • Do not share your user ID or password with anyone
  • Choose passwords with letters, numbers and special characters, and change your passwords often
  • Always sign out of secure areas of websites, such as Internet Banking, where a user ID and password are required
  • Be cautious before sharing your email address with questionable websites, as this increases your risk of receiving fraudulent emails
  • Delete suspicious emails without opening them; never open attachments in suspicious emails
  • When your computer is not in use, shut it down or disconnect from the Internet
  • Never provide sensitive account information in response to an unsolicited email, website, or pop-up window
  • Always review your monthly account statements carefully and investigate any unauthorized activity on your account

Commercial Customers

We recommend commercial online banking customers perform a related risk assessment and controls evaluation periodically. To learn more about Online Security and Identity Theft

  • The U.S. government and the technology industry provide some practical tips and information at
  • The nonprofit National Cyber Security Alliance has some great resources at
  • The Department of Homeland Security plays a lead role for our nation. Follow this link to stay up to date. 

What to Do if You Have Been Targeted

If you believe that you may have provided sensitive account information in response to a fraudulent email, website or pop-up window, report the incident to Wellington State Bank immediately by calling 806.447.2551 or your local branch.