Debit Cards

Keeping track of what you spend is a snap with the Debit MasterCard. Funds are immediately deducted from your checking account giving an electronic record of every transaction the moment it is completed.

Lost or Stolen Debit Cards
To report lost or stolen debit cards call (844) 202-5333.

Keep Your Account Safe from Debit Card Fraud

These are some guidlines to follow to keep your account safe from Debit Card Fraud; REMEMBER: Your Debit Card is NOT a Credit Card.

  • Treat your card like cash, always keep it safe.
  • Keep your PIN completely confidential; never give it out to ANYONE.
  • We recommend: Never use your Debit Card for puchases on the INTERNET or over the PHONE.
  • We recommend: Never let your Debit Card out of your sight at a merchant. For example; DO NOT let a waitperson take your Debit Card out of your sight at a restaurant. We suggest paying by cash or Credit Card in that situation.
  • We recommend: Never use your Debit Card to hold hotel/motel reservations. We suggest using a Credit Card for reservations.

If your card is lost, stolen, or you feel someone has your card information, call (844) 202-5333 or contact the bank immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us at (806) 447-2551.